About Me

About Me

Hi! My name is Dhruv Ganesh. I am currently attending Cerritos High School and am on my way to majoring in computer science. I have always been interested in the field as I enjoy solving problems and making them more efficient, along with use of technology. Consequently, I took an interest in this field. As of now, I have done a little bit of the coding languages JavaScript, Python, and HTML. In JavaScript, I have learned how to animate various objects and I have even made a few games using the language. In the little experience I have had in Python, I have solved many problems, such as taking an array of numbers and finding the least and greatest of them all. Of course, I made a flowchart before writing the code, so it would be easier to think out. This year, I am taking a computer science course in school. At the moment, I am learning HTML, and of course, I am using it, along with the language CSS, to build this website.